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Thread: Not Novas ... but if you like cars, you'll like this!

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    Not Novas ... but if you like cars, you'll like this!

    I've started following this guy on youtube, and he somehow finds abandoned classic cars dotted around the country. So far he's not found a Nova, but I thought I'd share this link with you because he's found loads of extremely rare supercars hidden in a basement which are worth about £30M. They've been built by Bristol Cars Ltd and include original hand made moulds (for those of you who are into fiberglass moulds, etc!)

    There's also a Bentley, a 'dummy' Formula 1 racing car, a Karman Ghia, an electric 8 wheel drive 'something or other' and an ancient Mercedes with only 7K on the clock. There's even parts ... steering racks, etc .... and lots more!

    Maybe we should invite him to film in our garages?!?

    Hope you enjoy!

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