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Thread: Setting up adjustable suspension

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    Setting up adjustable suspension

    Found this article from Koni thought it might be useful to anyone with adjustable shocks to know the effects of shock absorber adjustment

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    Thanks Mike - some useful tips for when I get my AVO front double-adjustables installed!

    (I have just about got the old SPAX units doing what they should, but they are only single-adjustable)

    Trouble is, like all damper tuning guides, the main advice is "get lots of track driving time, develop a feel for the limits of grip" etc. Not something that is possible - or appropriate - for a car in road trim. Particularly during a lock-down!

    Let's hope that the restrictions are lifted soon, and I find a stretch of deserted windy road with lots of big run-off areas to practice on
    only Pythagoras can save me now!

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