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    Is that a swear word round here? Iím surprised that there arenít any Nova Facebook groups, or am I missing something

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    Hi Roo,

    I guess that given how rare the Nova, Avante and SS now are, there can't be that many owners about.

    Also, if you consider how many members of this Forum are reasonably active, I guess the Forum meets folks needs? The great advantage of the Forum is that it has lots of helpful threads going back about 13 years ... it's a huge resource. Others might want to set up a Facebook page though?

    I don't know if you've found it already but Phill has a really good profile on Facebook for his Nova. Just search for 'Nova Kit Car' on Facebook or go to


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    Facebook doesn't allow you to organise content so its easy to find, or keep organised running / segregated blogs for each drivers builds etc.. It just isn't a replacement for an organised and well run forum

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    There's a couple of good facebook pages - one is called Purvis Eureka Car club of Australia which is very active and which caters for the Australian version.The other is west coast Sterling catering for the US version, though of course both apply to us here in the UK and they discuss the same things we discuss
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    We have an Eagle cars Facebook which I started as I was asked to do it but I have let it look after itself, I just approve 'friends' after asking what their interest in Eagle cars is. we have a mixed bunch from all over Europe and some interesting people and cars. Problem as always it takes time to monitor and admin.
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