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    Red Nova for sale

    Hey guys, long time no see.

    Life has been a little turbulent and I am realistically never going to finish the work on this car. I worked with a mechanic who I get took me for a bit of a ride and the work is endless with it, mostly because I was inexperienced and blew a lot of money on it not knowing what I was doing.

    The car itself comes with a completed shell, windscreen, dual oil cooler, 2.3 high performance turnkey engine that needs to only be installed. Reconditioned high performance gearbox, wheels so it does roll, Roof canopy still works. All lines are braided steel.

    Any and all questions answered. Looking for 3500 for all just to desperately get rid of it from my driveway. I might sell parts individually but know that you are getting a great deal considering the engine is easily worth 5.

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