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Thread: Radiators For Liquid Cooled Engines

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    Radiators For Liquid Cooled Engines

    After a mishap with the radiator that I was going to usefor my Subaru engine(don't ask) I had to look for a replacement. I looked up the same radiator only to find that the price had increased to the point that it made me look for something else.

    Found a company that sells a "radiator kit"
    Basically its a blank radiator with no inlet or outlet. You cut and weld in your own connections at the locations that you want.
    This sounded like a good choice for me since the previous radiator that I had I needed to seal off and relocate the existing connections to work with the installation in the car.
    Price was also lower so I pulled the trigger and ordered one. We'll see how it works out when it gets here

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    Looks like a result there Brett and you end up with just what you want, not a 'near enough' job.+6
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