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Thread: Electrical Tape

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    Electrical Tape

    Haven't been posting much since I started the wiring, but I thought maybe this topic might be useful.

    All kinds of posts on the electrical parts of the car but seldom is talked about a simple and less talked about item as electrical tape.

    When I removed my old wiring I notice that places where I used electrical tape the tape had released and no longer stuck together.

    Plus it wasn't very flexible in places where I used it to wrap around sections of split conduit loom that formed junctions.

    For this wiring job I decided to look for something better. Something that would hold together like the oem stuff.

    Found this and so far I'm very pleased with it. Very flexible, its easy to wrap around wires and conduit and it sticks better than the other stuff I've used.

    More expensive than the other stuff I've used but if you search the web you can find it at a decent price.


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    Thanks for sharing, will look it up and get some

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