So after checking the end float on a type 4 engine I acquired, and finding it excessive, decided to strip it down and give it a thorough check over.
First off I took one head off to have a look and was pleasantly surprised by how clean the head looked, then started to spot the issues.
1 - gasket out of place which must have leaked oil when in use.
2 - push rod springs missing! Actually in both of the heads. By the way, why does the twin carb and injection need the spring but not the single carb?
3 - push rod tubes sealed with some sort of silicon
4 - damage to piston faces from contact with valves, though does not seem to be any damage to valves. Maybe the heads were changed but not the pistons
5 - top fins broken off the barrels, otherwise look quite good
Not split the block yet, so not investigate that as yet.
Letís see what else comes up.

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