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Thread: Air cooled thermostat repair

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    Air cooled thermostat repair

    So as itís impossible to get new thermostats like the originals, I thought I would have a go at repairing a couple and see how I get on:

    Tested the thermostats in water to see that both were leaking from the top seam, so gently heated the top until it simply slid off.

    A bit of cleaning up of the mating surfaces to wipe off the excess solder and they are ready for fitting back on once I have cleaned out the hole where I will add the Isopropyl Alcohol prior to bunging up and hopefully back in working condition.

    More photos to follow tomorrow once I have cleaned out the hole and got it ready for assembly.

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    Iím impressed! My engine didnít have the thermostat or flaps in the fan shroud but I found some online. Unfortunately when they arrived the thermostat failed when I put it in water. I found an alternative design online and went with that ... but now youíve got me thinking I could still repair the old leaking thermostat (that Iíve still got) myself ... thanks!

    Have to say that Iím well impressed with the scale of your engine rebuild ... once itís back together youíll know itíll last for years!

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    So very nearly done.
    I struggled to unblock the hole in the threaded boss so had to drill it through, then proceeded to solder the top back on. All seemed to be sealed ok as when squeezed and placed against my palm, it sucked on to it.
    I proceeded to put 2ml isopropyl alcohol through the hole, compress it and then hung the hole with solder. Placed it back into a pan and heated. Unfortunately as it heated it started leak through a tiny hole that unfortunately I couldnít block:

    I have now had to take them apart again which unfortunately didnít come apart as cleanly as before.
    Have ran out of solder too, so will get some more and have another go next week

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    Just out of curiosity, what kind of solder are you using? Silver solder?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gaisa View Post
    Just out of curiosity, what kind of solder are you using? Silver solder?
    To be honest, I donít know. It was in a kit with a butane torch that I had in my garage, the solder is not labelled.

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