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    Quote Originally Posted by Phill View Post
    So assuming the MC we are using is designed for the original drum braked Beetle setup - I'm wondering how come my disc brakes don't drag?
    Yeah, I did some research after Brett's post and I get that a residual valve is needed on a Drum setup to stop the return spring on the Drum pushing the shoes out and the fluid back to the MC.

    But having the same MC for both the front Drum and Disk Setup doesn't make sense,
    will it have the valve on the front circuit or not?

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    I reckon that it’ll be a case of set it up and try it out, and if a residual valve is required it’s a cheap alteration ....

    NB if you’re reading this some time in the future you’ll find everything that led up to it here ....
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    I recall many years ago I bought a cheap TR7 that was riddled with faults. Amongst other issues was the fact the front brakes bind causing the engine to overheat. But after the car had stood still for a while the brakes would loosen off again. I never understood why but ended up fitting a new master cylinder to cure the problem. Given the interchangeability of many BL parts back then I now think someone had fitted the wrong master cylinder, one designed for Drum brakes instead of Discs. That would explain it.
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    I thought it was the wheel cylinder that stopped the spring pushing the shoes back the one you adjust with the screw on the back plate?


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