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Thread: Spacers!!!

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    Hi Guys
    Has anyone used Spacers to try to bring wheels out a wee bit to reduce the Space in the Arch or are wider tyres the answer, along with bigger profile ?



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    Not a fan of spacers. I think Scorpion uses pretty much the largest ones you can get (on pretty much the largest wheels you could fit), so talk to him about his experiences.
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    Spacers are not a good idea as they apply great er forces on the axles, screw up the steering and it is better to fit the correct wheels in the first place.
    I would suggest15" rims with 8" front and 10" rear using 65 profile tyres, 195 to 225 front and 225 to 255 rear.
    A few have tied larger wheels and low profile but they don't really look right and are hard on the arse.

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    The question is, why do you want spacers?
    With the wheels and tyre size I had on the gulf nova I had to put 10mm spacers on the front as I found that without the tyres rubbed from lock to lock…
    Get the right offset for the wheels and you won’t go wrong…..
    For yourself, best to keep it standard.

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    I had to use 1/2 inch spacers because the back of the wheel ( not tire ) was fouling the disk brake calipers. That 1/2 inch was enough to create needed clearance.

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    Cheers guys

    Its just that my alloys look a bit pathetic but all going well I will be buying mikes alloys and they look the dogs dangly bits , so all tip top thanks 😊

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