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Thread: Hi from the Chilterns

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave0892 View Post
    Thanks guys,
    I can fabricate panels myself,along with a tube chassis
    I'm expecting it be be a body off resto.
    The only reason I'm not so interested in the blue one, is how many parts may be missing, Admittedly I've already got a plan in my head on the build, hence the tube chassis, but that would be a 2nd build 1st would be to just get the car road worthy
    But even if it's been sitting outside there's a higher chance of it being a whole car.

    It's also the year of car I'm looking at too ref mot and taxation, as many mot testers will struggle identifying correct year and ruling.
    As an Ex mot tester, engineer it will be made a high standard

    OK 1st question, what braking system is fitted to the front?

    Is it Beetle drums ?

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    What do you mean by parts missing?
    You can see from the pictures that the main panels are all there.

    Personally I would steer clear of this (blue) one because I wouldn't know how to fix that top, I believe most fibreglass shops would struggle as well (unless the owner has kept the cut-out section?).
    IMO you are looking at a replacement canopy there.

    To answer your question, I would think that most cars would have had a front disc conversion by now, but they would have started as drum in most cases. You can convert to (beetle) disk fairly easily (new hubs needed), and they will provide adequate braking at the front because the front is so light.

    However Beetle callipers are heavy and not sexy enough IMO, it is possible to fit Wilwoods or Citroen Visa with not too much drama.

    Most cars have 40:60 F/R weight distribution, without little weight transference on braking, you will need to bias your brakes accordingly.

    There are other options for the front end, to replace the VW beam entirely with a bolt-on double wishbone setup, a pricey but excellent option.
    Note that you will probably need to raise and soften the ride at the front, keep that in mind for whatever option you choose.

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    To be honest the roof is an easy fix, to both a fiberglass and fabricator.

    I've created cars (modified) in the past plus know alot about suspension and chassis geometry. You tend to pick up a thing or too running race,rally,autocross,rally cross, gt2 and drag cars as both driver tech and now as team principle

    I've downloaded and enlarged all the pictures to try and work out missing parts
    I thought the dash was missing along with switches, but it's behind the seat. There's a whole bag of electrical which allows me to use it as a template before creating a new loom.

    I may buy it as a 2nd vehicle resto

    Thankyou for the info on the braking systems, pleased to hear the citreon caliper fits, I was wondering if ford hubs fitted, but not looked into that as yet,

    As I say, just trying to sort a few questions in my head out

    It's a shame it doesn't have the louvre, but that shouldn't be that hard to fabricate, same as the engine cover and I will be cutting the rear off and create a whole new rear section, for aesthetics and future use plans.

    I love the look of the front of the car, but it looks like the rear ran out of imagination,
    Stiuck between a 70's and 80's ford,Dutton,reliant, British Leyland hash up

    I imagine some of us love the look because it reminds us of the GT40, ferrari and lamborgini and lotus cars from 60's on

    As I say, early days, I have a hectic month prepping vehicles for finals this month along with building a 12 x 3 metre workshop to keep a few toys in rather than being left out with a cover over them

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