Not sure if this is in the correct area and this is not for personal benefit

I work for a company that carries out Hard chroming ( not to be confused with polished Chrome)

so what is Hard Chrome ?
lets say your front wheel hub spindle or crankshaft has damage or a worn area. we basically mill the area down so we know it has a datum and we then dip the area in a chemical liquid chroming vat. we can protect other areas of the same spindle that you do not want coated with a specific wax

it can take days in the vat to bring them to over spec and then be milled down and inspected for micro pour holes and then ready to be sent back to the customer. Sometimes you just can not buy the item required or its so expensive its out of reach.

we also grey Anodise steel and can possibly polish the anodising depending on shape

on top of this we also ceramic coat, which still amazes me how its done with many different gasses and Plasma

one of our biggest repair lines is pitted Motorcycle forks. we also do work for williams F1, Asto Martin and other hyper car companies

As i say, there is no benefit to me, i will of course ask the boss for a discount for all members

pm me if you need help