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Thread: Delapidated Nova in a scrapyard, Essex V6 engine

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    Delapidated Nova in a scrapyard, Essex V6 engine

    I didn't see this Nova mentioned on the board, hope this is not a duplicate post. I normally only check for sale stuff. This one is not one for me, but there might be a chassis on it registered as a Nova??? if the car was known to the club someone might know the reg number??? Can't be that many Nova's with Essex V6 engines?

    It is a scrap yard in the UK, it was on facebook Barnfinds UK group, 23rd Sept, in the morning:


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    Hi John,

    Now that would be a project and a half .... but I'm not that brave either!

    There's nothing in the Forum database that fits the bill. I suspect it might have been crushed by now anyway ... the machine looks poised to scoop it up!

    However, if it's still there it might be worth someone who lives nearby getting hold of it for spares, but I see the roofline of the canopy has collapsed and I can't see a windscreen

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    It has a so-called "Mk3" Testarossa straked sill panel, can't be many of those around.
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