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Thread: Avante in Germany

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    Avante in Germany

    Of course, since I don't speak German, I don't see any specific details..

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    Mein Gott, it comes with a fresh TUV! The most fearsome roadworthiness test in Europe. Looks to be in excellent condition inside and out - 1600 Variant engine by the looks of it.

    I love the twin vacuum gauges - one for each cylinder bank methinks?
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    That Avante was advertised in the UK in Oct 2020 for £4750 including the private reg which seemed far too cheap. It’s had a few stickers added but given the rarity and quality of the car, the new asking price maybe isn’t unrealistic. Somebody obviously spotted a bargain last year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spacenut View Post
    1600 Variant engine by the looks of it.
    Yes a type 3 Variant engine. I had one in my first Nova
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    Its still correctly registered with DVLA as a Volkswagen Avante. It looks like a nice car, apart from the bonnet scope, and why are the head light flaps down without the lights on? I think there where a few more than 25 produced 38 is a number I have in my head but still very rear. I think the price is right and what a good example of our cars should be going for.


    Here is some of the translation

    Hereby originated !!! ONLY !!! 25 copies, of course and as usual in painstaking manual labor. Europe-wide this vehicle is currently the only copy what is offered on the Internet. In addition, with consideration of the age very beautiful overall condition with many new parts, which were invested over the years again and again by its last owner in England / installed. Thus an absolute sports car rarity for all lovers and car collectors of real curiosities. According to the builder Melvyn Kay, the Avante is visually based on a 308 GTB, but still has its own lines and shapes that make this English classic so unique. The Avante was built on proven VW Beetle technology i.e. possesses here the high performance 1.6 Ltr. version (37kW) with sport exhaust system, double carburetor (with K&N filter) & automatic choke, which was not natural at the beginning of the `60s year. The car was converted to disc brakes (front) and is altogether wonderful to drive, even for the uninitiated. Already getting into the Avante conveys real sports car character and thanks to the high quality GRP body it offers an exciting but above all convincing driving pleasure. Due to the GRP construction, the Avante is a real lightweight and the body therefore has no rust or will never get it. Engine and transmission run / shift cleanly and the customer's vehicle is fully roadworthy. Already the first start attempt is sufficient for the Avante usually and the boxer engine " rings " as one appreciates it and knows loose... By the not completely simple however above all correct TüV full acceptance after §23/21(c) after StVZO i.e. including H-certificate the car is immediately ready to be kidnapped by its next owner on the road. A test drive during inspection is therefore mandatory and welcome ! As the current photos show, the offered customer vehicle presents itself in an overall neat and beautiful overall condition, here in the color choice : Royal blue. Grosser or significant damage requiring urgent restoration work are not present ( < See also picture gallery below ). Its last owner had always treated the vehicle with care, which the optical condition already openly reveals. The Avante's bodywork was done very well by Melvyn Kay or English standards. Everywhere one sees thoughtful and detail-loving testimonies, be it the electrics, brake hydraulics or wiper water, which was inserted behind a beautiful aluminum flap in the passenger footwell cleanly and clearly. Small details that are convincing on the whole. But not only the sheet metal, pardon, "synthetic material dress" can convince, but also the entire interior. From the supposedly optically simple door panels over the center console with all display instruments up to the roof lining here likewise EVERYTHING was designed in self-direction and manufactured in manual work. Perhaps one of the many reasons why only so few copies of the Avante's were made, because all this work took time. Visually, the interior is a real eye-catcher and has a lot of accessories. For example the two vacuum gauges in the center console, which show the synchronous running of the carburetors. Or also the entire interior with the massive wooden glove compartment flap, the above mentioned door panels testify to designer qualities. The vehicle is equipped with as new Wolfrace LM rims in 14" with new 195/70 tires. For the sake of order, we point out that with a height of over 185 cm is unfortunately the end, also a sporty figure is preferred because otherwise it can be a little tight. Both seats can still be moved back about 20 cm, but this should please be noted.

    Visits including seat sample and of course test drive are welcome by appointment.
    Location of the vehicle is: 52525 Heinsberg (near Aachen)

    To enlarge please click on the respective picture

    ebay picture gallery

    - is fully roadworthy and has a fresh TüV full acceptance according to §23/21(c) according to StVZO i.e. with H-certificate. The vehicle only needs to be re-registered in your name at your local road traffic office after purchase. You will receive the H license plate automatically upon registration. Tip : Due to the current situation, a so-called registration service offers itself here, which takes over all formalities in your road traffic office comfortably and contactless for small money.

    - receives due to the age of more than 30 years an H-approval, i.e. receives upon registration a classic car registration in your road traffic office. Due to this H-certificate, the vehicle offered here is also inexpensive in the vehicle tax

    Translated with (free version)

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