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Thread: Engine refuses to idle

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    It most definitely is a carb issue, forgive me as I've not played with the carbs as yet

    1 fuel pressure on MOST older cars is normally 5 to 6 psi continuously. 2.9 sounds too low

    2 theory only if fuel pressure is low, is carb trying to compensate (depending on set up) is there a accelerator diaphragm is it stuck in the wide open position, I've seen american carb diaphragms do this yearly

    3. Float level again is this to low or too high if low it maybe at 2.9 psi fuel pressure your leaning out.

    3a. If no regulator and a low float is it pumping in fuel and not filling the float chamber

    Are the chokes cutting off, ? If they stay closed you will over fuel and choke up

    Valves and timing coukd cause issues, I've seen condensers only work when cold and then cut the spark, causing flooding

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    Strip the carb' down to the bare bones and rebuild by the book after a spotless clean. or you will be buggering about for months.
    I know you said you have cleaned them but,,,,

    Thanks to E5 fuel I need to do it every time the carbs dry out and clean the green goo out of the jets , gawd only knows what will happen if and when we get the E10 crap stuff.

    Thought about one of these, only $25.
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