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Thread: Auto Italia at Brooklands

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    Hi Dave - there is a heavily triangulated steel frame under the canopy hinges, I suspect the sill panel doesn't wrap around under the body as tightly as it does on other Novas, which makes the sill look deeper at the front. I think it is only obvious from certain angles though...

    Not so obvious from this angle I think...

    Ah I was thinking about this kind of mod whilst I am making a set of hinges on bearings for the canopy . Don't like the idea of the canopy hinges on the fiberglass body . Also thinking about Louvre hatch and front bonnet mods to somehow not be hinged on the bodywork .

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    Last few snaps now. I actually surprised myself, as I subconsciously limit the number of pictures to 36-38, the same as a roll of 35mm film. This time I took 75! I suppose it has been a while since I snapped a roll of 35mm though - January 1st 2020 in fact...

    Recently restored Lamborghini Urraco P250S, one of two at the event. Ever since the Wheeler Dealers episode back in 2013 I have wondered what the large transparent pipes running down from the louvre panel were. I thought they might be some sort of engine breather, allowing oil fumes to condense and roll back into the sump before venting the crankcase pressure through the other end. As it turns out, the real reason is a lot simpler - they are simply drain pipes for the drip channel under the top edge of the louvre. It must collect a lot of water, they are large diameter pipes!

    Early ISO Grifo...

    Maserati Khamsin...

    Maserati Indy. Apart from a Merak, everything else was DeTomaso era or later. Very expensive, very worthy, but quite boring if I'm honest



    I think that's enough. Overall a good show, considering the COVID and fuel situation, but not enough classics for my liking. This was particularly obvious in the Alfa car park, which is now just that - parking for modern Alfas. That's it for car events at Brooklands this year, we will have to see if there is a New Years Day bash this time. Fingers crossed...

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    Sublime .... Ridiculous ............................. and then the Green Machine! Brilliant!

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    Very nice thanks for sharing


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    so many beautiful cars, and that green Nova is one of the best `¬)
    Thanks for all the photo's!

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