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Thread: Double A arm rear suspension

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    Double A arm rear suspension

    Hi has anyone heard of a company called Imohr . They do a Double A arm rear suspension kit that bolts on and around the beetle gearbox . Has anyone looked into this . I noticed they also do a mid engine rear end set up if you are making your own chassis ?

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    Ive not come across them before, but from their website it looks like a nice piece of kit. Some what like Red9, but seems better in some aspects and they make their own spindles for standard or lowered drops on their competition version
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    Yeah. Still don't know which direction I'm going in chassis wise . Subaru engine gearbox maybe with pie valley front end . Or thinking about that double wishbone rear end but don't think it fits Subaru gearbox so would have to stick with VW box . Suppose there is a big advantage by swapping gearbox for a 5 speed . The build might be easier if I just stick with beetle running gear and get a hi performance air-cool motor but they are not cheap . I seem to be having trouble coming to a decision ha . In the mean time will concentrate on canopy hinges and then light pod area next time I go home , hopefully same time as the stones show .

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    Nice find; that A-arm kit looks decent.

    You will probably need to raise the front-end of the car (above stock) to keep the undertray off the tarmac, so whatever A-arm kit you choose needs to be modify-able.

    For my build, the 5-speed box was a must-have.
    You get some bonuses with the 5 speed scooby box, it handles more power, you get a beefier clutch, 100mm output flanges (or more) for bigger CV joints, Hydraulic clutch conversion (that's more work during the build - but I count it as a bonus).

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