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Thread: Nightsearcher LED light

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    Nightsearcher LED light

    I follow Ed China on youtube, he uses a set of portable LED lights that i liked; with a swivel head and magnetic base, I looked them up online, they are made by Philips and are crazy expensive.

    Anyway, I found an alternative: Nightsearcher Micro-1000 Rechargeable LED Work Light which is a nice bit of kit, it recharges from a USB port, it can sit on the floor, magnetic base, has a hook, 2 power levels - solidly made. It produces a wide beam of light ideal for work.

    For Info this is what Ed uses:


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    Nice find Steve, especially with the long winter evenings now here. The lights Iíve got are mains power and I get fed up catching the cable and knocking them over which usually breaks the halogen bulb. Think Iíll order one of these!

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    I've got good lighting in my garage but I do find at times I get shadows in tight spaces but I have a few of these which are cheap but really good the only annoyance is they have 3 modes and you have to scroll through them to switch it off.


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