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  1. Nova Kitcar Subaru flat-six PPC magazine project car or scoobynova.

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    Well, It wouldn't be a Nova build without some bumps in the road:

    The Front Beam I purchased isn't straight, I have been in touch with Limebug,
    and it is going back for them to "look at":
    Looks like heat distortion in the tube where the brackets have been welded on for the mounting bolts. I'd suggest to Limebug that whilst they're taking a look at it, they send you a new straight one!

    Agreed about the heat distortion, ...
  2. Donor

    Hi, been reading around threads and found "Pie valley" MGF as a donor and wondered if anyone had completed this and also if anyone has used a Toyota MR2 as a donor,
  3. Hi all

    New to the club. I have a Mk 1 body in a white and star crack finish and a VW cabrilot, lots of initial enthusiasm and even more questions. I guess I need to start by sourcing a build manual, Haynes seem to have missed a chance. Is there such a thing and if there is where might I get one?